Dopey the chippie’s comings and goings…

Dopey – one of Goldie the chipmunk’s babies – has become a regular visitor. She’s a sweetie.

Slaves of the Internet, Unite! – Tim Kreider for NYTimes

“Let us not kid ourselves,” Professor Vladimir Nabokov reminds us. “Let us remember that literature is of no practical value whatsoever. … ” But practical value isn’t the only kind of value. Ours is a mixed economy, with the gift economy of the arts existing (if not exactly flourishing) within the inhospitable conditions of a market economy, like the fragile black market in human decency that keeps civilization going despite the pitiless dictates of self-interest.

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2013 Central Ulster County Chipmunk Conference.

Plenary Session: Sunflower Seed Hoarding

Breakout Session: Overhead Hawk Defense

today’s chipmunk baby highlights

motion sensor on the chippiecam…

at 11:52:19 – notice there are three babies.