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‘flipbook operation guide’ in the Pompidou this November

I received word that I’ll have at least one book in an international exhibition of flipbooks at the Biblioth√®que publique d’information-Centre Pompidou in Paris in November. What’s really cool is that they’ve decided to reproduce my “flipbook operation guide” on my website for the gallery signage throughout the exhibition – translated into French.

UPDATE – pictures from the show!

the ‘guide’ is available on the chronopsis site

the most exciting live video, ever.

but not really.

the st. olaf avenue webcam is now live, streaming exciting moments from the window at 519, such as: that frighteningly large SUV, again; man walking morphologically similar jack russell terrier; minivan caravan; cross country team mob; neighbor children passing gingerly on poorly maintained sidewalk; hockey team-house parking hijinks (they’re featured on the right, with driveway seasonally expanded to include frozen front yard).

if it’s dark, you’ll get to see head- and tail-lights passing by. tune in tomorrow and see what you’re missing in minnesota. click the link to yesterday’s time lapse of motion-sensor trips – all the exciting parts packed into one chaotic sequence (it’s a big file and will take a while to download, but it’s fun).