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3D images of WW1 trenches and craters – Google Earth placemark set

Time to revisit this project from 2008: a set of Google Earth placemarks with embedded 3D images of trenches and craters, visited on our Western Front trip. Red/Green 3d glasses (and, of course, Google Earth) required. I’ve posted a handful below and here’s a link to all of the images in the original post.

Google Earth Placemark: WesternFrontEuropeTrip-3D
 download and open the above within Google Earth. Either double-click the .kml file, or drag-and-drop into the Google Earth window.

GEWW1placemarkIconTrenches in the Forest near Haut Chevauche Crater - Haut Chevauche German Kron Prinz Bunker Butte du Vaqouis, Hilltop village destroyed in WW1

we may have moved to mirkwood.

a wind recording in olivebridge

The rain is just starting but the wind is really picking up. We’re expecting to lose power any gust now…

In the recording the wind may sound light at first – wait for it…


175 Rome Churches (animation)

175 Rome Churches sequence – online version and documentation. Includes a list and interactive map of all the churches.

During a period of 11 months I walked and explored the city, visiting, documenting, and researching 175 churches from paleochristian to baroque. I was drawn to the inherent desire in classic church architecture – the focus, symmetry, and implied movement. Over time I found that I was making the same photograph in each space – aligning myself to the center axis, focusing on the apse of the church.

All churches are thinly present throughout the sequence. As the animation progresses each image becomes more opaque and then recedes into the mix.

An earlier version of the sequence, 129 Rome Churches, was presented 30 May 2012 at the American Academy in Rome during the School of Fine Arts Concert. It was shown as a visual complement to Lei Liang’s In Praise of Shadows (2005), a piece for solo flute.