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175 Rome Churches (animation)

175 Rome Churches sequence – online version and documentation. Includes a list and interactive map of all the churches.

During a period of 11 months I walked and explored the city, visiting, documenting, and researching 175 churches from paleochristian to baroque. I was drawn to the inherent desire in classic church architecture – the focus, symmetry, and implied movement. Over time I found that I was making the same photograph in each space – aligning myself to the center axis, focusing on the apse of the church.

All churches are thinly present throughout the sequence. As the animation progresses each image becomes more opaque and then recedes into the mix.

An earlier version of the sequence, 129 Rome Churches, was presented 30 May 2012 at the American Academy in Rome during the School of Fine Arts Concert. It was shown as a visual complement to Lei Liang’s In Praise of Shadows (2005), a piece for solo flute.

In Praise of Shadows w/ Rome Churches – Lei Liang’s solo flute piece with my video projection, performed by Manuel Zurria

Lei Liang had the great (and generous) idea of having me display my Rome Churches projection loop behind Manuel for the performance of his beautiful piece. American Academy in Rome, School of Fine Arts Concert. 30 May, Villa Aurelia.

a walk through the scanned cemetery

a few of the 3d scans from greenridge cemetery.

digital Mary, 2.0

an attempt at a portrait using 3d photo scanning…

acorns 360 degree scan

more 3D photo-scan tests…

Figuring out Made a couple more scans in the backyard; one close up (acorns) and one of a larger space.

I also tried it with images of the Laocoön sculpture I had shot in the Vatican last year- I had taken that set with the hope there would be some kind of 3d imaging future for it – now I wish I had shot more pix at the time, it would have worked even better. The acorns scan is a full, 360-degree wrap-around.
Source Photos:
acorns scan - source photos green chair & back porch - source photos laocoon scan - source photos @ vatican

Meshlab Screenshots:
acorns 360 degree scan the green chair and back porch laocoon - meshed (point cloud points connected with polygons)

Meshlab screenshot movies:

acorns as point cloud in Meshlab

acorns rendered as surface in Maya

green chair/back porch point cloud in Meshlab

Laocoön, meshed as surface in Meshlab – the weird, continuous surface is from the meshing process; I had it go beyond the point cloud itself to make the concave shape.
meshlab screenshot

3D point cloud tool – free & online

First test of “” and their free, 3d point cloud-from-photos process.

I shot some simple video of our (Ron Gallas) teapot sitting on the ground, then extracted 9 decent stills from the video, making sure I had a ‘wrap-around’ set of images. Uploaded the set to the site, and waited overnight. Downloaded the .ply file today and opened it in Meshlab.

This should be great for recording and modeling architectural elements…
source pictures from the movie meshlab screenshot