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New 3D prints available at Shapeways: 6″ Boar Carriers, 6″ Inscription, Umbrella Pines Panorama Sphere

Three new, full-color 3D prints available at Shapeways:  6″ version of the Boar Carriers frieze, ready to hang on a wall; 6″ version of the P. Cornelius Synistor inscription, also ready to hang;  2″ panoramic photo-sphere of the umbrella pines in Villa Doria Pamphili in Rome. The “Sandstone” material gives them an authentic, stone-like feel.
boarCarriers6inchFull synistor6inchFull pamphiliSphere2inchHand pamphiliSphere2inchFull

A few more Rome 3D scans

Bernini’s Elephant in front of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Constantine’s head at the Capitoline Museum

A tiny Faun relief on the wall underneath Santa Maria Maggiore – rendered with a bit of flickering-light drama…

The Apotheosis of Titus on the Arch of Titus


Assembling characters…scans in the backyard of the AAR. Full-screen’s best.

3D Scan of Ponte Rotto (pons aemilius)

Walking back from the Mithraeum, I went down the steps to the Tiber walkway near the Cloaca Maxima, beneath the Pons Aemilius.  Took several photos of the Pons Aemilius as I walked around the broken bridge, from both Tiber level on the walkways and Isola Tiberina and above from the Lungoteveres, Ponte Palatino and Ponte Cestio. Unfortunately there was no way to get the top surface scanned, so that’s left as a big void. It was a sunny day yesterday and high contrast can cause problems; I wasn’t expecting much. But it turned out pretty well.

Animation of the 53 photos used:

GPS tracklog of route:
Ponte Rotto Scan - GPS

3D model revolve:

3D Scan of the Mithras Relief in the Mithraeum of Circus Maximus

A group of us went to the Mithraeum of Circus Maximus. It was uncovered in the 30s, beneath a theater storage building behind Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The large relief of the bull-slaying scene was decently lit, so I shot photos for a 3d scan.

Straight photo of the relief:
mithras relief

3D Model video:


3d scans @ saratoga spa state park. stills and movie below.

a walk through the scanned cemetery

a few of the 3d scans from greenridge cemetery.