3D images of WW1 trenches and craters – Google Earth placemark set

Time to revisit this project from 2008: a set of Google Earth placemarks with embedded 3D images of trenches and craters, visited on our Western Front trip. Red/Green 3d glasses (and, of course, Google Earth) required. I’ve posted a handful below and here’s a link to all of the images in the original post.

Google Earth Placemark: WesternFrontEuropeTrip-3D
 download and open the above within Google Earth. Either double-click the .kml file, or drag-and-drop into the Google Earth window.

GEWW1placemarkIconTrenches in the Forest near Haut Chevauche Crater - Haut Chevauche German Kron Prinz Bunker Butte du Vaqouis, Hilltop village destroyed in WW1