the general sentiment of the Sienese

il Palio é Vita

We were in Siena during the Palio trials, pretty much by accident. Ended up wishing we could have stayed for the the real race tomorrow (Monday, July 2).

[this is a long mess of a post, lots of images, videos, some sounds…]

the general sentiment of the Sienese
the general sentiment of the Sienese

young men practicing the flag work in Santuario Santa Caterina’s piazza – with little brother documenting
flag practice  flag practice flag practice

Procession to the Contrade Chiocciola church, the night before the first trials

First trial runs – for horse selections

testing the starting rope drop

horses coming out onto the campo

coming to the line



The Campo filled up for the later trial runs – full colors and much rowdier…
Campo full for Real trial run
The Contrade children groups had some of the best seats, and they were also some of the fiercest taunters
 Campo Colors & kids' bleachers Campo Kid's bleachers
and the adults tried to out-shout each other
a shot of the main bleachers
Some audio of the shouting contests

pan of the filling-up campo

horses and riders process by the Contrade kids

the run itself was a bit anticlimactic, at least for us gringos who didn’t know what to look for…

The track after the run
track after the run

We caught the Chiocciola flags and drums procession later that evening: