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1277 tiber flood marker - "the tiber reached up to here..."

Oldest Tiber Flood Marker in Rome, 1277

After finding reference to it online, I sought out the oldest flood marker in Rome. Dating to 1277, it’s in the Ponte Rione section, not far from the Ponte Sant’Angelo. Tucked under the Arco de’ Banchi, it once hung on the wall across the street by the church of Saint Celsius and Julian, but was moved here when the church was rebuilt in 1730. It’s definitely not the highest marker – that was for 1598, 4 meters above street level! Here’s a good page on all the floods and markers.

Readying for La Befana in Piazza Navona

Sound-activated La Befana Dolls:

rome splodes.

Hard to describe the sight and sound of Rome’s skyline at midnight, from the roof terrace of the American Academy. Had never seen or heard so many fireworks at once over such a massive area.
This video doesn’t capture it, of course, but here’s a short pan over part of the valley.


The higher-quality audio below might do a better job; it leaves a bit for the imagination. You kind of need to crank it up with headphones to get a sense of the near and far of the explosions and reverberations (and countless car alarms) in the Tiber valley.

From up above it all, it was easy to believe this was a collective effort to put on a show for those of us on the Gianicolo.