acorns 360 degree scan

more 3D photo-scan tests…

Figuring out Made a couple more scans in the backyard; one close up (acorns) and one of a larger space.

I also tried it with images of the Laocoön sculpture I had shot in the Vatican last year- I had taken that set with the hope there would be some kind of 3d imaging future for it – now I wish I had shot more pix at the time, it would have worked even better. The acorns scan is a full, 360-degree wrap-around.
Source Photos:
acorns scan - source photos green chair & back porch - source photos laocoon scan - source photos @ vatican

Meshlab Screenshots:
acorns 360 degree scan the green chair and back porch laocoon - meshed (point cloud points connected with polygons)

Meshlab screenshot movies:

acorns as point cloud in Meshlab

acorns rendered as surface in Maya

green chair/back porch point cloud in Meshlab

Laocoön, meshed as surface in Meshlab – the weird, continuous surface is from the meshing process; I had it go beyond the point cloud itself to make the concave shape.