Daily Archives: 2008/09/29

panoramas for iphone/ipod touch posted

published some panoramas for the two apps (that i know of) for viewing panos on the ipod touch/iphone – “pangeaVR” and “cubeworld.” pangeaVR has a nicer interface and is easier to publish for, but cubeworld has a really cool accelerometer-based panning method – tilting the ipod/iphone pans through the image. cubeworld also downloads the panorama to your device, so you don’t have to go get it every time you want to look at it (whereas the pangeaVR folks charge you $20 for their “pro” version which allows downloading).  i’ll try to upload a movie soon.

so if you’ve got one of those ipod/iphone fetish devices, get one of those apps, and check out my panoramas:

For cubeworld, open up the app, click “On-line Pano” and enter this URL:

For pangeaVR, open the app, click “Enter URL” and enter this:

Here-There video projection

the video projected for the exhibition